Monday, 30 October 2017

Hand Lettered Book Titles for Jane Fallon

By Ruth Rowland

Publishing: Jane Fallon Lettering I Penguin Books

I had a lot of fun working on these hand lettered book titles for popular author, Jane Fallon.

Commissioned by Penguin, these fresh and witty designs were the perfect excuse to get my marker pens out and create some casual script to work with the photography.

So far I’ve created two titles for her novels, Strictly Between Us and My Sweet Revenge. The third in the series, Faking Friends, is about to come out in January (but if you’d like a sneak preview of the cover, click through to my website … shhhhh!).

Thanks to everyone who followed my thirty day journey experimenting with digital lettering with an Apple Pencil on the new iPad Pro. If you missed the posts on social media, you can see all thirty of the hand lettered pieces in the new journal on my portfolio website.