Monday, 15 July 2013

Savor the Sizzle for Prevention Magazine

Prevention, a healthy lifestyle magazine in the US, asked me to hand letter the titles for a recent article about grilled foods. They wanted something with a little casual flair to complement their stylish layouts.

 This work is created using marker pens - something I've recently been experimenting with alongside my more traditional media. I bought a selection of pens for demonstrating at ScrapbookLive, spending much time in art shops prior to the event testing the different tip designs and line weights. 

I was later asked to help with product development at ColArt, owner of the Griffin Gallery where we exhibited. ColArt comprises a group of famous art materials companies with origins dating back to the early 18th Century, including such well known names as Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Cont√© √† Paris. I have to confess I am a pen geek so this sort of analytical work, alongside product designers, marketing people and scientists was fascinating to me - with the added advantage that input from artists ensures that products available for sale answer our needs. A win-win situation.

You can see more of my editorial work on my own website or my recently updated agent's site.