Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hand Lettered Titles for Wired Magazine

It was exciting to be asked to contribute to stylish Wired Magazine's November Issue.

The disturbing but fascinating subject of the article was data security - how safe is our personal information? The casual style of lettering was chosen to add a human touch to the layout and as a counterpoise to the beautifully balanced typographic grid.

Although viewed as red here, the printed magazine sees the lettering in a vibrant fluorescent orange which sings out from the page against the cool background colour.

See more of my editorial work on my portfolio website.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hand Lettered Author Logos - Kristin Hannah and Cathy Woodman

I’ve worked on quite a few author logos over the years, so I decided to gather them together and add them to a folder in the publishing section of my site. Today, I’m adding two new authors - Kristin Hannah and Cathy Woodman

Two very different approaches for two very different authors. A soft mono-line script for Kristin Hannah’s beautiful dream-like covers and quirkier, more angular lettering to work with the lovely watercolour illustrations on Cathy Woodman’s series.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Becky Chilcott Design Logo

I was delighted to work on a logo for a new website launched this week by Becky Chilcott Design. A talented designer, working predominantly for the publishing industry, Becky also finds time to curate the talks at the wonderful St Bride Print Library here in London. Check out her blog if you get a chance - it’s a fascinating read.

Becky wanted to keep the site fresh and simple, so we decided on a loose mono-line script with open counters and a flowing line to complement the grid layout. The cool palette of grey, green and white with a touch of red adds to the open, uncluttered feel of the site.

Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed working on a range of logos. Clients include entrepreneurs with new products and starter businesses, authors (for both publishing houses and self-publishers), musicians (established and starting out), restaurants, wine merchants, magazines, confectioners, food manufacturers, hotels and even stately homes. You can see a selection of this work in the logos folder on my portfolio site.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Maps and Hand Lettering for Sainsbury's Money Matters Magazine

I was delighted when Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Magazine asked me to create some maps and hand lettering for their Summer issues. 

The subject was day trips in the UK and it involved creating two illustrated maps for two issues, one aimed at readers interested in family entertainment and one of general interest. 

It was fascinating researching the locations found all over Britain, then creating spot illustrations to brighten up the maps. Each place name was individually hand lettered and this lettering was also used to punctuate the body copy of the articles. A smaller illustration for each map was also created for the second pages of the articles to sit alongside the spot illustrations. A hand lettered title and illustrated flag were included on the cover of the magazine to draw the reader’s eye to the article.

If you'd like to see more of my map and diagram work, click through to the maps folder on my portfolio site.

Friday, 15 August 2014

A Slice of Italy Lettering for Jamie Magazine

I chose some old and much loved brushes to work on this loose lettering for Jamie Magazine’s Italian Special. Designed to complement the rustic photography, it's inspired by Italian Paisan brush script.

To see more of my magazine work, click through to the editorial folder on my site.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Title Page and Spine Lettering for Lang Fairy Tales, The Folio Society

Even if you’re not a fairy tale fanatic as I am, who could fail to be inspired by these beautifully written stories by renowned folk tale writer and collector, Andrew Lang.

Gloriously illustrated by Caitlin Hackett and Kate Baylay, these luxuriant, boxed tomes, the Olive and Lilac Fairy Books, published by The Folio Society, are reminiscent of the old, linen-bound Edwardian books in my collection from childhood. With this in mind, I took Edwardian type as my inspiration and drew up the letters by hand, fitting them line by line within the illustrative borders of the title pages.

You can see more work I've done for both children's and adults books in the publishing folder on my portfolio site.

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Field of Cloth of Gold Hand Lettered Book Title

It was great to work on the title lettering for The Field of Cloth of Gold by Glenn Richardson.

A major Tudor event, The Field of Cloth of Gold, was a spectacular festival of competition and entertainment which aimed to secure a permanent settlement between England and France in 1520.

With that in mind, the title lettering had to be suitably ornate with a flavour of the period, while still being legible enough to read amongst a shelf of books. I opted for a loose informal hand and had some fun with the flourishes.

You can see more historic book title lettering in the publishing folder on my site.