Wednesday, 23 March 2011

BAA Welcome Campaign At Heathrow Airport

I've been working on the lettering for a series of large posters for a BAA Welcome Campaign at Heathrow Airport. The idea is for recognisable London characters to welcome passengers on their arrival - real people rather than models were used - this is a real Guardsman!

So far there have been 11 characters used - you can see the Carnival Queen and Chelsea Pensioner above, followed by the Doorman and the Policeman. I was asked to write the word Welcome in a style to reflect all their different personalities.
These posters can be seen along the Terminal 4 Travelator at Heathrow. So if you're flying into Heathrow this Summer look out for this eye catching series of cheery Londoners! See more posters in my word>advertising folder on my portfolio website.