Thursday, 19 March 2009

Aruba Ad Campaign for Lowe New York

Lowe New York's new Aruba campaign features a range of my hand lettering. It was an exciting job for me as Creative Director, Raj Kamble, wanted the copy on each ad to really express the personality of the subject. The challenge was to 'get inside their heads' so that each style was different and said something about their personalities. 

Nothing does this better than hand lettering which can be fine-tuned to suit an individual piece, giving each design a unique voice. The ads spotlight a selection of seven Arubans, letting us experience a little of each of their lives on this beautiful island.

To see the full set in detail just click through to the advertising folder in my portfolio, they include - the Surfers, Wedding Planner, Head Chef, Head Golf Professional, Musician, Nature Tour Guide, and Spa Owner.


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