Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tasmina Perry - a new book a new look

I do a lot of work for the publishing industry and as an avid reader it's work I always enjoy. I'm often asked to hand letter logos for new authors for use across their future book covers or alternatively for more established writers to refresh their image or repackage their backlist.

Recently Headline Publishing asked me to take another look at Tasmina Perry's name. I'd worked on the logo previously for Harper Collins and they wanted something different to launch her latest book. I worked on a range of options focussing on a fresh, spontaneous feel with a touch of sophistication that would appeal to her readers. The lettering also had to be strong enough to stand alone on the cover as the designer wanted it to be a prominent feature of the over all design.

I don't know about you but it makes me look forward to my Summer holiday!


  1. Beautiful job. Perfect combination of spontaneity and sophistication.

  2. Nice work Ruth! I especially like the "P" and how you can see the brush stroke. "A Dark Secret" piques my curiosity! :)

  3. Such a sunny place for a dark secret! Thanks Jane.