Monday, 22 March 2010

Keeping Warm With Aruba!

While it was snowing outside, I was keeping warm by working on a new set of seven posters for the beautiful island of Aruba. With photography by Jonas Kaarlson, the subjects were selected from the inhabitants of this idyllic island and then asked to provide me with samples of their handwriting. Taking these samples as a starting point I developed a style of lettering combined with spot illustrations for each poster that reflects something of their personalities and interests. With such a wide range of characters it was an interesting and challenging job!

If you want to see more of my poster work - take a look at the advertising folder in my online portfolio.


  1. How cool! You get the greatest gigs-another job well done. Congrats Ruth!

  2. Thanks Jane! It was very tempting to escape to those sun drenched shores when it was so cold here!

  3. What a fun challenge to do your interpretation of someone's handwriting, keep their personality and add your artistry. Nice job!