Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule

I had great fun working on the lettering for the limited edition Fourth Doctor Time Capsule for the BBC. 

It's a delightfully inventive design that includes a range of Tom Baker goodies; a letter from the man himselfan exclusive action figure, DVDs, audio book and novel - not to mention a sonic screw driver

The box itself is designed to look like a Gallifreyan artefact and with this in mind, I was asked to create both English and Gallifreyan lettering for the DVD covers. This involved some very enjoyable research, looking at stills from old Doctor Who episodes and discussing the appropriate feel and layout of the two different alphabets with the art director. Once printed the title had the added bonus of only being legible once seen through the coloured disc provided. 

Aimed at the dedicated fan, this is a luxury product celebrating Tom Baker and the 50th Anniversary of the Dr Who TV series, with a limited run of 5,000. Lovingly put together, the attention to detail in this box set makes it a pleasure to open - I plan to keep the sonic screw driver in my handbag, just in case ...

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